Specialty Fleet Wash & Concrete Cleaning Products

Fleetclean Systems sell a variety of specialty vehicle products for the removal of dirt that may often be too tough for normal wash practices.

Fleetclean Systems detergents are sold in quantities of:

  • 275 Gallon Totes
  • 50 Gallon Drums
  • 5 Gallon Pails

Please call us at 401.356.4156 for pricing.

For product technical sheets, please click on detergent icon. 

Specialty Fleet Wash & Concrete Cleaning Options

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Bug Soaker

A great cleaner designed to soften bugs and clean the vehicle. Usually pre-applied to hoods, grills, and wind dodgers. Wash away bugs with pressure washer, without the usual hard scrubbing. This product is slightly gelled to cling to the surface and not dry or evaporate before bugs are softened. Biodegradable.

Hydro Sheen

Breaks water quickly for maximum water removal from the vehicle surface. Contains a patented siliconized carnauba wax to create a visible high-gloss appearance and protective coating. Inhibits grime and road film to make the vehicle easier to clean the next time. Contains a pleasant fragrant to enhance the user experience.


Aggressive acid cleaner effective in removing concrete slurry, splatter and residue from cement trucks, concrete handling equipment, forms and tools.


Same aggressive acid cleaner as the original Cement Truck Cleaner with the addition of a rinse aid. Additional benefits are an added rust inhibitor and its ability to work as a release aid.