Commercial Drive Through Wash Systems

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Fleetclean Systems and it's long time partner, Hydro-Chem Systems, can help your team design and build a custom drive through wash system.

Our goal is to for you to achieve the lowest Cost-Per-Wash possible while reaching the ultimate goal of a clean vehicle. By minimizing the total cost of each wash, your return on investment is maximized.

Factors to consider

  • Each design is different according to Customer needs and resources. There are no cookie cutter clones.
  • Utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and drainage sources.
  • Recommended total acreage needed to support a truck traffic flow is 4-5 acres. 3 acres is a minimum.
  • Truck wash bay must have sufficient room for all the wash equipment and enough length to allow a truck to sit through each wash step. The recommended length for a truck wash bay should be 200 feet long, a minimum of 150 feet.
  • Additional equipment and accessories, such as "spot-free" rinse, spinner systems and dryers (blowers) are often expected by customers in order to get a great clean. 

Benefits and competitive advantages of teaming with Fleetclean Systems

  • Fleetclean offers the best commercial vehicle wash equipment and a complete line of detergents that will lower your cost per wash ensuring the best rate of return on your investment.
  • Our professional network, experience and goal to achieve complete customer satisfaction are crucial to a smooth process of planning, build out, operation, and maintenance.

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